New Kent Characters

pamunkeyIn reviewing George Russell’s estate record from 1791, I have come to realize that a great number of those listed had some kind of link to the New Kent County area. To review, sometime in early 1791, George Russell died in Gates County, North Carolina. His relative James Russell was appointed as administrator. Those listed on the record include:

  • Austin, Richard
  • Bethey, John
  • Cross, Hardy
  • Ellen, Thomas
  • Fleming, John
  • Goodman, James
  • Hamilton, John
  • Napier, Robert
  • Odom, Benjamin
  • Odom, Dempsey
  • Russell, James
  • Russell, Mary
  • Smith, Ann
  • Smith, Arthur
  • Smith, Isaac
  • Smith, Thomas
  • Vann, Thomas
  • Wiggins, Jesse
  • Wyatt, William

The highlighted names belong to men who share names with planters from New Kent County and the neighboring counties King William and King and Queen. Some of the names, like Robert Napier and William Wyatt, are quite unique. In fact, like John Langston who also moved to Gates County from the New Kent area, Robert Napier was one of the colonists to hold land within Pamunkey Neck, even before the Pamunkey Indians relinquished it. John Fleming and William Wyatt were the names of other settlers on the Pamunkey River in the late 17th century. And yet I can find no genealogical connection between these major landowning families and the smallholders living in Gates County who share their names a century on. William Wyatt was the husband of Edith Dilday, and the two were married May 7, 1785 in Gates County. That’s another linked family.

One additional observation is that most of these surnames listed are of Scottish origin, Napier, Hamilton, and Dilday especially so.

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