Quitsna Settlers


A list of individuals taxed in Bertie County in 1760, apparently adjacent to the Tuscarora Indian Woods Reservation area (note the inscriptions ‘William Pierce, Quitsny’ and ‘John Smith, Conaro’). Quitsny is Quitsna, Conaro is most likely Uneroy, both Tuscarora towns. See this detail from the 1733 Moseley Map:


Some of the names here are very interesting. In particular, the Barber, Butler, Collins, Johnson, King, Mitchell, Morris, Pierce, Smith, Vann, and Wilford families are all found in Gates County in the early 19th century. The appearance of the name ‘Sarah Collins’ here is interesting, as there were several Sarah Collinses mentioned in the Gates County records in the 1780s. Sarah Collins is even listed as the head of a household in Gates County in 1800. She appears among families claimed by some Tuscarora descendants, including the Allen, Barneycastle, Butler, Cain, Cherry, Cobb, Mitchell, and Wiggins families. This lends some credence to the idea that the “Scratch Hall Folk” were the descendants of the settlers from the Roanoke settlements who had mixed Tuscarora ancestry.

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8 Responses to Quitsna Settlers

  1. Thomas Robbins says:

    Lots of family here. Lazarus Summerl/Summerlin should be my 7th great grandma’s 2nd husband, Susanna Bunch.

  2. No doubt. This is where you and I connect.

  3. Amy Cote says:

    Hi Justin–are you a Bunch descendant? Never did figure out how my sister and I came to share a bit of DNA with your grandmother (we exchanged GEDMatch-related messages sometime last year). I am a 6th great-granddaughter of Nancy Bunch (m. Isaac Bass Sr.), sister of Susannah. Perhaps the Thomas Bass on this list is my uncle, brother of Isaac, who married Thomasine Bunch, sister of Susannah and Nancy.

    Incidentally, Lazarus Summerlin and Susannah Bunch are the 3rd great grandparents of Howard Hughes, through his paternal grandmother.

    • The truth is, I don’t know. That name does not figure on any records that involve my ancestors. However, John Collins, who left a will in Bertie County in 1751, had a son named Joseph Collins who married Rachel Bunch. Her sisters were married to the Summerlins and Basses. I think my ancestors are related to this family.

      • I think what connects us is that we all have Roanoke Old Settler ancestry. I can see this in my DNA matches. I also match Bazemore, Castellow, Butler (yes, the Butlers who are supposedly Tuscarora). Some of the Butlers above were listed as mixed race in the 1751 list in Bertie, but not afterwards. You can see Sarah Collins up there as well.

  4. Thomas Robbins says:

    The Thomas Holder mentioned and Susanna Bunch (Turtle Clan) were my 7th great grandparents. She married Lazarus Summerlin, also on the list, 2nd after Thomas died.
    William King’s family was on the Indian Woods. William made himself a pain to Needham Bryan, and the Chief complained of him. The King’s had a farm, and signed leases. They originated, or had land at Catherine’s Creek before moving to the Woods. They moved there with the Pugh. Later the King’s moved to Sampson and surrounding counties. William’s father, Michael married my 6th great grandmother Mary Boone (Bear Clan).
    Barneycastle is Marilyn’s ancestor. (Bear Clan)
    What is really interesting are the missing names you know did not go North.

  5. Thomas Robbins says:

    The Thomas Boswell could be my 6th great uncle, brother to my James who died in Granville Co.

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