Dead Russells Revisted

THERE ARE TWO estate records for Russell family members at the end of the 18th century, one for George Russell who died in 1791 and one for Sarah Russell who died in 1796. I have featured both records on this blog. To reiterate:

George Russell’s creditors include: James Russell (presumably his son), Hardy Cross, James Bethey, Mary Russell, Robert Napier, Benjamin Odom, James Goodman, Dempsey Odom, Arthur Smith, John Hamilton, Richard Austin, Thomas Smith, Ann Smith, Thomas Vann, William Wyatt, Thomas Ellens, and John Flemmons.

Sarah Russell’s creditors include: John Russell (presumably her son), Mary Russell, Nancy Hill, James Robbins, Jonathan Nickols, Jeremiah Jordan, and Jethro Meltear.

The relationship between George Russell and Sarah Russell is unclear. However, James, Mary, and Judith Russell are all listed in the Nansemond County tax lists in the 1780s, showing me that James, the presumed son of George, had moved to Nansemond by that time, while his father had remained in Gates County. Note that Mary, who is together with James in Nansemond, appears in Sarah Russell’s estate file.

Now, to bring in the Chowan Indian connection here, let’s recall that James Robbins on Sarah Russell’s estate record is a chief man of the Chowan Indians. Let’s also look at a few other records.

Thos. Hoyter, King of the Chowan Indians, Jeremiah Pushing, Charles Beasley, James Bennett, chief men of the tribe, to Henry Hill, 50 acres land on Bennetts Creek ; August 4, 1733. Test, John Freeman, Michael Ward, Wm. Flemmons.

Did you notice that the Flemmons name on the 1733 deed is also on George Russell’s 1791 estate file? And that the Hill name is on Sarah Russell’s 1796 estate file?

Now check out these records:

May 25, 1781, Benjamin Robbins, Indian, 17 years of age bound to Jethro Meltear

May 25, 1781, Elisha Robbins, Indian, 11 years of age, bound to Jethro Meltear


Did you notice that Indian Robbins family members are being bound to Jethro Meltear, who appears on the 1796 estate file of Sarah Russell in Gates County, North Carolina?

There are other links to the Collins side of the family. Recall the 1779 marriage of John Collins and Sarah Hinton, witnessed by George Russell. Now look at the following Chowan Indian land conveyances in light of this information:

Thomas Hiter, Chief of Chowan Indians, and other Indians, to Jacob Hinton. 200 acres land on Bennett’s Creek; November 15,1733. Test, Thomas Carman, Henry Hill.

Same, to James Hinton. 500 acres adjoining Jacob Hill; January 9, 1733. Test, John Alston, Thomas Garrett, Thos Carman, John Thomas. (Gates.)


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