Charles Russell, 1800

US Federal Census, 1800, Gates County, North Carolina

US Federal Census, 1800, Gates County, North Carolina

Charles Russell is listed in the 1800 US Federal Census with one free white male age 16 to 25, one free white female under age 10, one free white female age 26 to 44, and one other free person, no age given.

Based on this information, Charles Russell was born between 1775 and 1784, and his wife is probably a few years older than him. The free colored person is perhaps his mother or the father or mother of his spouse.

Based on his age and location, Charles is most likely the brother of Anna Russell (c.1775 – c. 1855), my ancestor.

Charles Russell later shows up on the 1830 US Federal Census in Nansemond County, aged 50 to 59, meaning that he was born sometime between 1775 and 1780. He is not in the 1840 census in Nansemond, but a younger Charles Russell is in the Gates County census for that year, presumably his son.

In searching for connections to other families with free persons of color in their households in these years, the only connection is to Craven County, where Ann Russel is head of a household of one in 1790. In later records, one finds a preponderance of free colored Russell families in Currituck, Hyde County, North Carolina, which if you look it up, is the exact vicinity of the old Mattamuskeet Indian Reservation.

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