Thomas Collins, 1840

Gates County, North Carolina, 1840

Gates County, North Carolina, 1840

I have not yet been able to comprehensively work out the relationships of the early Collinses in Nansemond and Gates Counties. There were three, originally, who appeared on the Nansemond militia list in 1783 — Thomas, William, and Lamuel. These same three men appear in the Gates County tax lists in 1785 and continue in some form through the beginning of the 19th century. There appear to be two Thomas Collins born from this trio — first cousins. One is Thomas Russell Collins, who lived in Nansemond County. The other, who appears here, is Thomas Collins. He was the orphan, I believe, of William Collins, who died in about 1810, according to the Nansemond tax lists and was apprenticed to Daniel Eure, his uncle and husband of his sister, Celia. In the 1840 census, we can see that there is a free person of color in his household, a woman, aged between 55 and 99. Could this be his mother, and the wife of William Collins, his presumed father? Whoever she is, she did not live until the 1850 census, so that her name could be written down.

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