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I always thought that if we had Native ancestors they were on my great grandfather’s mother’s side, the Collinses. But I recently came across some information that made me think they may have been on his father’s side as well. This is the line of Wilbur Thomas Pittman (1871-1915), whose father was Thomas Tayloe Pittman (1849-1929) and grandmother was Jane Scoggins (1815-?). Thanks to the Southampton Project at the Brantley Association’s excellent website, I was able to determine the ancestry of Jane, who was the daughter of James Scoggins and Unity Allen. It is Unity’s ancestry that interests me. I had long assumed she descended solely from European landowners, like most of my ancestors in that region. But I noticed that Unity’s sister, Delilah Allen, married Richard Hines, the son of William Hines. Then I noticed that William Hines is also listed as one of the chief men of the Nottoway in 1735. Unity and Delilah Allen themselves were the daughters of Benjamin Allen and Mary Britt, both of Southampton County, Virginia, and I imagine they lived near the Nottoway lands. In 1877, John and Mary Britt are listed in one document as Nottoway Indian descendants. None of this is conclusive, but it is very interesting.

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  1. Thomas Robbins says:

    Hey Justin,
    I have an “unconfirmed” 9th great grandparents named Daniel Allan and Rebecca Richardson had a son named Benjamin Allen born around 1708. My line from Daniel was suspect as Indian blood and lived in the vicinity of the Nottoway. I just noticed that Daniel’s mother was a Tucker, big name for local tribes. Interesting.

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