is this what happened?

In 1752, John Collins, planter, of Bertie County, North Carolina died. In his will, he listed eight sons, six of whom inherited land. But two — David and John — received Bibles Why?

There is also a story told among Collins in the SE GA area, that John Collins had a son or poss two who went to the Indian Nation to teach Christianity to the Indians. John willed most of his male children plantations and land. But, John Jr. and David got Bibles!!!

This seems to be a plausible explanation for the emergence of a landless, mestizo grouping of Collins families in the mid-18th century. And both John and David are names found in the Collins families that later surfaced in Gates County. Either John or David could be the fathers of the Lemuel, William, and Thomas Collins who found themselves in Gates County near Bennetts Creek after the American Revolution. But what Indian Nation?

John Collins’ main residence at the time was in a place called “Deep Branch” or “Deep Creek.” According to various records, it was near present-day Askewville, which is not too far from the Tuscarora Indian Woods Reservation.

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