Gates County Records

1770 – Ordered that Christopher Johnston be paid three pounds eighteen shillings for burying Margaret Russel a poor woman
the Russells were apparently poor

1782— John Russell orphan of William Russell deceased about the age of 10 years bound to Jeremia Jordan to learn the business of a house carpenter

1783 – James Arline appeared for begetting a bastard child on the body of Sarah Collins – Lewis Brady and Hardy Wills securities

1783 – James Arline to pay Sarah Collins 50 pds for a month until Nov. court next for the maintenance of the said Sarah Collins and child

1787 – a nuncupative will of Priscilla Russell deceased was exhibited by James Brady and proved by the oath of Elizabeth Delday and Rachel Laurence

1788 – Ebran Sears appointed overseer of the new road that leads from old Somerton rd to the Virginia Line lately laid off and that the hands of William Goodman, Henry Goodman, John Bethey, William Gatling, Anness Goodman, Henry Lee, Jacob Walters, William March, Thomas Hiatt, Henry Delday, Samuel Collings, and Watson Howell work on the same.

1789 – Henry Dilday to Henry Eborn Sears 50 acre plantation, Lemuel Collins, witness

1789 – deed Job Umfleet to Israel Beeman, 34 pds. 8 sh. 122 a. joining John Parker, Charles Eure, and sd. Umfleet part of a patent formerly granted unto John Collins

I don’t understand what’s going on here. Was Collins’ land vacant? How did the Umfleets have the right to deed Collins’ land?

1790 – James Russell granted adm of estate of George Russell deceased
James was probably the son of George. If this is the same James who is the father of Elvy Russell, then he would have been about 20 at this time.

1796 – Sarah Collins, sister and heir of John Hinton
This is very confusing. I believe this is the same Sarah Collins referenced in the 1783 bastardy bond. Was she the widow of a Collins, and actually born a Hinton? According to the 1790 census (where she is listed with one, underage female, presumably the illegitimate daughter of James Arline) this Sarah would have been born about 1754 (or later) …

1803 – Gift of John Lang to Sarah Butler proved by the Oaths of James Ransom and Thomas Collins
This is the first reference to our ancestor, father of Graham.

1807 – James Russell for Jury Duty

1809 – By recommendation of the Grand Jury that Thomas Collins orphan boy be bound by apprentice to Daniel Eure
Whose son is this? Is this a son of William Collins, who died around this time. And if it is, is our Thomas Collins the son of a Thomas Collins listed in the 1783 Nansemond County Militia?

1810 – Deed of land James Russell to William Bird was proved by oaths of Washington Smith and Richard Austine

1812 – Stephen Eure to son Mills Eure, 89 acres of land at place called Rogers Pocasin, tract of land is part of parcel granted to John Collens
This locates John Collins’ land, near Sarem, apparently

1816 – Deed land of sales from Ann Russell to Charles Russell
From mother to son.

1826 – Deed of Sales for land from Thomas Collins and wife and Robert Parker to John Matthews.
This is already Thomas Collins, Graham’s younger brother.

1831 – Ordered that James Lewton son of Lydia Lewton be bound to Thomas Collins to learn the art of farming

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  1. Chowan County Marriage – 1779 — John Collins and Sarah Hinton. Feby 6. George Russell.

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