Russell 1

Here is the information I have been able to collect from the Nansemond County land books on the Russell family. Not set in stone, but things look this way:

Generation 1
Mary Russell (d. about 1805)
Children: James Russell (b. about 1770); Anna Russell (b. about 1775); Katherine Russell (b. about 1777); John Russell (b. about 1783)

Generation 2
James Russell married Polly Smith
Children: Elvy Russell* (1793-1858) m. Julia Hayslett; Charles Russell (b. 1796) m. Mourning Smith; Abigail Russell m. Thomas Goomer; Betsy Russell m. James Smith

Anna Russell married Thomas Collins (1769-1849)
Children: Graham Russell Collins (1802-1880); Thomas Russell Collins* (1803-1888); Claresia Collins (b. about 1805) m. Purvis Dilday; Abel Collins (b. about 1811)

Katherine Russell married James Russell (1771-?)
Children: Elvy Russell Collins* (1806-1870)

John Russell married Mary
Children: John Russell Jr (b. 1822); Virginia Russell (b. 1828); Martha Russell (b. 1829); Robert Russell (b. 1833); Francis Russell (b. 1837); Harriet Russell

* Indicates that person was listed as ‘B’ or ‘colored’ on at least one historical document.

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