Collins 5

Ah, Internet genealogies, the bane of human existence. As discussed previously, I have been looking into one John Collins, who appears to have owned land and done land deals with the ancestors of our Collins’ neighbors.

But who is John Collins? According to one Internet genealogy, he is the husband of Elizabeth Odom, with a pedigree that goes back to New Kent County in Virginia. This is interesting, given some of the ties between the historical Melungeon families (Goins, Bunch, Gibson) and New Kent County. The Collins family moved with these families, so it might be interesting to think that they originated from the same area of Virginia.

That may be so, but the evidence for the relationship between John Collins and Elizabeth Odom consist of land deeds that mention John Collins’ wife Martha.

1718, 21 JUN

Chowan Co, NC – SAMUEL MERRITT of Chowan Prect. and MARY MERRITT to WILLIAM BENTLEY of ye upper parish of Nansemond in the Collony of Va. for 16 Barrells of Tarr 100 ac neer the head of Mill swamp, joining the west side of the Beaver Dam branch part of a Pattent to the sd. SAMUEL MERRITT Wit.: MOSES (x) ODAM, MARTHA (x) ODAM, JOHN COLLINGS, JACOB (x) ODAM.

and later

1725, 28 DEC Chowan Co, NC – John Collins & Wife Martha sold land to John Orris 200 acres . test: Andrew Hambleton, James Your, Martha Collins apptd Major John Alston her Atty to ack deed

and later still

1740, 23 AUG Chowan Co, Nc – Dd Bk C-2, Pg 129-130 – John Collins and his wife Martha sold to Moses Odom 160 acres in Chowan Co. for the sum of 60 barrels of good lawful tar.

So, you can see that John Collins married Martha ____, and had land dealings with the Odom family, including Moses Odom, over two decades. It could be hypothesized that the Martha Odom of the 1718 grant married John Collins by 1725. But his wife’s name was not Elizabeth.

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