Collins 3

A very interesting deed from Chowan precinct:

21 Jul 1727.
John Hambleton to Samuel Williams of upper parish Nansemond. 300A adj Wm Speight & Thos Goffe.
Wit: Geo. Williams, Jona. Kitterele, John Collins

One issue I have been trying to resolve is how our Collins family connects to local Collins families. One of the main issues with the primary Collins family of Nansemond, is that their land was concentrated on the other side of the county on the border of Isle of Wight County, in the Kingsale Swamp, specifically. Our Collins family was located on the border with North Carolina in te Cypress Chapel district, in fact so close that most were married in Drum Hill, across the border in Gates County, and their land may have been at times considered to be in Gates County. Gates County was formed in 1779 from Chowan, Bertie, and Perquimans precincts. This 1727 record shows a deed of land from “John Hambleton” to “Samuel Williams” of 300 acres adjacent “William Speight” and “Thomas Goffe.” The witnesses are “Geo. Williams,” “Jona. Kitterele,” and “John Collins.”

This is significant for several reasons. In the 1812 Nansemond tax list, David Collins’ land is listed as adjoining James Collins’ and John Hamilton’s. This means that our Collins had land in the vicinity of this Hambleton/Hamilton family, and note that the deed was witnessed by John Collins, who was to later die in Bertie County in about 1749.

Another link is between “Thomas Goffe” and the Russell family. As noted previously, both Thomas Collins (1769-1849) and James Collins (1771-?) married Russells. In the 1790 Gates County census, it is worth noting that George Russell, a presumed relative of James Russell Sr. (Thomas Collins’ father-in-law, administrator ofGeorge Russell’s estate) is listed beside a “John Cuffe.” This again shows that the land in question was in the same neighborhood as the Collins’ property.

Finally – Samuel Williams, George, Williams, and Jonathan Kittrell. Thomas Collins’ sons Graham and Thomas Collins both married Arlines (Nancy and Polly, respectively). Nancy Arline Collins (1800-1880) was the daughter of Jesse Arline and Milley Williams (both born about 1776). Jonathan Kittrell (b. abt. 1683) was Jesse Arline’s great grandfather.

What this deed proves is that of the Collins families in the neighborhood, our ancestors had dealings with John Collins (1690-1749) of Bertie County, making him more likely than other contenders to be our ancestor.

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